ILU Code Implementation has started


ILU-Code: a new Code for the identification of Intermodal Loading Units

A new coding system for intermodal loading units was introduced according to the European standard EN13044 since July 2011.
Compatible with the BIC-Code for ISO containers the ILU-Code allows a unified identification of the owner of intermodal loading units (mainly swap bodies and semi-trailers) circulating within the European region.

As administrator of the ILU-Code, UIRR is issuing the Codes through the website .

By 1 July 2014, only loading units featuring an ILU- or BIC-Code will be accepted on inter-modal transport:
The implementation of the ILU-Code will ease running operations in Combined Transport.

How to apply for your ILU-Code

Find out how to apply on-line for a Code:
Detailed information regarding the ILU-Code available in 10 languages ( )

Please find below some of the advantages of the ILU-Code:

  • Savings: check digit detects 95% of type errors
  • The ILU-Code is OCR-readable. The systems which are already installed in the ports can thus also be installed at continental terminals and contribute to enhancing their ef-ficiency.
  • The new codification system standard distinguishes the owner identification from the operational marking required for the rail operation. In case of a change of owner, a new codification is not needed anymore.
  • All swap-bodies and cranable semi-trailers will be usable in rail transport.
  • All the actors of the transport chain, as well as third parties, for example customs au-thorities, emergency services, can identify the owner of a loading unit given that the owner code is officially published.